The Company is Kailasa Partners LTD., Geneva Place, Waterfont Drive, PO Box 3269, Road Town, Tortola, British Virgin Islands.

The Products are products developed and/or distributed by the Company. Products include but not limited to i2 Web Browser, i2 Browser add-on and i2 Windows Ads Panel.

The Users are active or potential registered users of the Products.

The Company provides ad placement services to online advertisers who meet the following requirements.

  1. Ad content requirements.

    1. Ads displayed by the means of the products developed and/or distributed by the Company should satisfy current International legislation. In particular, the Company does not accept ads that:

      1. use offensive language or obscene images disrespectful to gender, race, nationality, age, profession, social or financial status, religious or national symbols;

      2. confuse or mislead users by:

        • containing false testimonies about the product/service;

        • using standard graphical elements of the user interface and/or elements of the designs of the web pages, that do not function and therefore prevent the ad from being viewed in its entirety;

        • being unclear about the source of information contained in the ad;

      3. encourage unlawful conduct and/or promote cruelty and violence;

      4. advertise a product or service, for which advertising in this manner, or at this time or place is illegal;

      5. advertising a product or service which is illegal or banned according to the laws of the country (countries) set by the advertiser as target territory.

    2. The Company does not accept ads related to tragic events, in particular ads that contain the following words in the ad text or among the keywords: terrorist attack, murder, death, destruction, funeral, fire, explosion etc.

    3. The text of advertising materials must be in the one of the common languages for the territory selected as a target area for the advertisement campaign or in English language.

      1. If the information on the website to which the ad links is in a language other than the language contained in the ad, the ad should explicitly state this.

    4. Information contained within the advertising materials should correspond to the information provided on the website to which the user is directed. For example, if an ad offers a discount, then the link in the ad must take the user directly to the page on the advertiser"s website that clearly outlines information about this discount.

      1. Advertisements for a news website featuring a news article published on the promoted website, should link to directly this article. The ad text should correspond in sense to the headline and content of the news article. If the ad text contains ambiguous, provocative or confusing statements, the Company may require that the news headline fully correspond to the text of the ad.

      2. It should be clear from the ad text that it advertises a news website where the full text of the news article is available.

    5. Use in advertisements superlative adjectives and/or information about the advantages of the advertised product over other product in trade is permitted, if this information is confirmed by appropriate research (conclusions, etc.) performed by the third parties.

  2. Web site requirements

    1. The website of the advertiser to which the ad link leads, should not contain popup or popunder windows.

    2. The web page to which the ad links should open correctly in the browser and be free from script or program errors.

    3. The Company does not accept ads that lead to a website whose main purpose is to show advertising, i.e. websites displaying ads on more than half of their home page.

    4. Advertisements, the main aim of which is to acquire personal information or money from users, are not permitted.

    5. If an ad links to a page that cannot be opened or opens with errors, this ad will be suspended until the problem is resolved.

  3. Other requirements

    1. The Company reserves the right to reject any advertisement without explanation.

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